So, if shopping therapy is supposed to help you when you're kinda down, what sort of therapy is supposed to help when you run out of money?

Stripe from Gremlins, David from Lost Boys, and Anguirus from Godzilla toys

And yes, of course they're coming out of their packages. I'm a collector of toys, not a toy collector.

Also, I had delicious ramen. Not only was it cooked for me by a cuttlefish...

Cham Pong Noodle Soup

...but when I was done, I read the ingredients:

Cham Pong Noodle Soup ingredients


Six animals in one bowl? YES, PLEASE.


Fucking hilarious video about a truly touching friendship:

Godzilla and Anguirus
Uploaded by Godzilla73rules. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

Me as Arthur Drake, Jr., at the Elysium on the Prairie vampire LARP many many years ago

That's right, I used to LARP.

And I won't apologize for it. It may have been years since I even played a tabletop game, whether Call of Cthulhu or D&D or what have you, and I may miss both LARP and paper but fond memories of those days still linger..

I played Elysium on the Prairie for...oh god, ten years, off-and-on...before it swapped to the new rules, which seemed like a good time to duck out.

Hell, I was even a narrator for years and a storyteller for a year or two.

In the words of Edith Piaf...

As a quick aside, if any of the old EotP players, or those from Chicago or Tuscola or wherever, have photos of the characters of EotP from before the rules change, I would love to see them. If they're digital, e-mail them to me at Please notate player and character names if you know them. If you only have physical copies, I'd love to borrow them to scan them in. I'll give you copies of the resulting digital files.

Since I posted me as Arthur Drake, Jr.--caring but batshittedly violent Caitiff Sheriff of the domain--I'll throw in another one of him with Amy as Alicia Stevenson. Next is me as Raimond Dulac--cold and emotionless Cathar who, as a Ventrue Prince and later Archon, legitimately gave a shit about the people domain. Finally, misogynistic bigoted racist Toreador coward Stanley Morrison, in a shot that I absolutely love. We didn't know it was being taken and were in the middle of acting-out a combat scene. Stanley was, of course, ducking like a bastard. I don't seem to have anything but a Very Tiny Picture of Tremere Bobby Kakihara, a man with unshakable Shinto believes and a Tremere you could actually trust. No, seriously. SHUT UP, STOP LAUGHING.

Want to know more? Ask.

Sherrif Arthur Drake Jr. with Amy:

Arthur Drake Jr and Alicia Stevenson

Prince (later Archon) Raimond Dulac with Matt and Tim and Becky:

benjamin and Becky and Tim playing LARP as Raimond Dulac

Stanley Morrison with Cory, Karl, and Mike:

Corey and Me and Karl and Kos at a Brujah Rave LARP

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm an omnigeek and I love it. No, not quite. I *fucking* love it.

Got any secrets / pics to share about your sordid gaming days? As always, leave 'em in the comments.

As [ profile] pilliwiggan once said,

"Benchilada does not live action role-play,
Live action role-plays Benchilada."

Your humble narrator,


I love you, my monkeys.

First, there was [ profile] januarychill, and she did her own So You Don't Have To.
Then came [ profile] passive_mission, and she ate something So You Don't Have To.

Now, the titantic team-up trio of [ profile] g0dz17la , [ profile] livenud , and [ profile] mwissa  have done something...



I'm seriously thinking of starting some sort of bizarre worldwide club.

We'll need t-shirts first.

In the mean time, here's a poster that [ profile] carrot_khan  made:

Y'all flatter your Internet Monkey King.


I have, without question, the bestest friends in the whole world.

> Ben,
> I read your livejournal regarding Sara.
> I will cross my finger. Best wishes to both of you.
> If you need anything, feel free to let me know.
> I wish I can find out the miracle panacea and send you some...
> BTW, today, I shipped out the Japanese drinks.
> Take a look at the picture attached.
> They are weird drink and wired ME, ha-ha.
> I tried by myself and tasted like.... ah, I can't tell...
> Also, I included some Japanese freakish...ah, I can't tell, either.
> You look forward to receiving them!
> Take care.
> Katsushi

That's right, motherfuckers, my dear friend Katsushi Shimakage is sending me some of that "Surging Eel" (or"Ride the Eel") drink, as [ profile] chronovore, I think, more-properly translated it to be.

I am predicting night-terrors for all of you when this drink comes in.

I will suffer this task so you don't have to.


Friend Molly tries Lovely Wife Sara's idea of a White Russian Station.

Add your preferred amount of vodka to glass first, add some ice from the ice bucket, pour in some pre-mixed milk and Kahlua, stir with chopstick that has rubber skull on it, getcherdrinkon.
First we ate lots of cheese enchiladas and chips and salsa and beans and salad and guacamole.
Then, in a margarita, red wine, and white russian fueled frenzy, [profile] el_jake and [profile] chuckdawg and [profile] sarahsam and Lovely Wife Sara and I zoomed around our dark and impossible-to-film-well-with-my-still-camera basement.

On a Razor Scooter.

This was followed by full-contact-ball-is-in-play-until-it-stops-moving-watch-out-for-low-hanging-pipes ping pong, which resulted in two lost balls: one behind a pile of wood and one--I shit you not--in something in the ceiling. We suspect that the latter is lost to the ages.

It was a good night, followed by only one hangover.

Also, we realized later that we'd had enough to drink that we mixed up zip code and area code.

Shut up.

Is supposedly my birthday.

People are saying I'm 31.

I suspect conspiracy and lies.

Will get to bottom of this even if it kills me other people.

On a more positive note, gifts have included a bottle of scotch and another booze from [personal profile] funranium, a year of paid LJ from [profile] ar901, a text message from the ever-sexy [profile] bobo_dreams, gift cards for clothes and books, another bottle of scotch from Sara's mother and stepfather, a book collecting the Superman Sunday strips from 1939-1943, a new modem, a bacon wallet, a Flying Screaming Monkey and a call from my Mama / stepfather "Uncle" Natey / little sister Ajay / little brother Nate 1000.

Life is good.
I went a little crazy with my dvd list posts last night, so we'll go easy on me this morning.

Next up in the PHOTOS OF MY LIFE request stream is Batshit Insane Belgian artist [info]grafunkel...
He requested:

"A picture of all your AWESOME FRAMED/UNFRAMED ARTWORK!!!"

There are, in the first picture, TWO arts by THREE LJ artists.
There are, in the second picture, TEN arts by LJ artists.
The shots aren't the clearest ever, as my camera got dropped recently and is now a bit wonky. :(

Anyway, name all that you can. Maybe you'll win a prize or something.

Sorry, [info]eyeslikesugar, it seems that I had a hard time narrowing three of your FIVE QUESTIONS down to a single answer. That having been said, I really liked them.


1) What author has influenced you the most in your life and why?

Wow, that’s a fucking tough one, but I’m gonna have to go with three, sorry.

Ray Bradbury: Starting reading him in about 5th grade, tore through every book he’d written that wasn’t impossible to find. Showed me that you could write about crazy shit and keep it human at the same time. I think I started rereading The Martian Chronicles as soon as I finished it for the first time.

H.P. Lovecraft: Yeah, I’d read some Stephen King, but when I got to this crazy motherfucker, and realized that horror didn’t have to involve slicing up eyeballs, and that just describing a place could scare the poop out of me? Changed forever.

Daniel Pinkwater: Especially Lizard Music. Wow. I wanted that to be my life. I’m still trying.

2) What comic book/series/character/etc has influenced you the most in your life and why?

Dr. Strange was the first comic character where I thought “Wow. This is a great story, and he’s so fucking cool, and he looks so fucking cool, and this is some crazy fucking surreal-ass shit right here. He remain one of my faves, but influence?

Influence would be Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. Mind-shifting, thought-provoking, you-gotta-read-it-to-understand. Interesting that these two are ones that both deal with magic and completely non-traditional mindsets.

3) What pet that you have/had in your life did you bond with the most?

Wow, that’s tough, as I’ve had a LOT. I’d really have to say my cat Isis. Even though I’ve had other cats for longer, and she really is disturbed—she was taken from her mother at a week or two, and abused as a kitten—and can go psycho, she is so loving to Sara and I that it’s insane. She’s pretty, she sleeps between my feet every night, she always stretches out her paw to touch us when she sits near us. She even has a leather glove that she fetches.

4) Favourite snack food?

I don’t really have a favorite. Some things I love to snack on: wasabi peas, beans, tuna, kimchi, corn. Yeah, I’m weird.

5) If you could invite all of your LJ/internet/irl friends to a party, and they all could go.. where in the world would it be held at? What would happen? And would hilarity ensue?

We would hold it in the TARDIS. 

We would have a fucked-up range of musical genres--because that's how I like my music--and there’d be something for everyone, from dancing to games to computers to…everything. Hell, there'd be a legion of fuckrooms.

We would love life like tomorrow never comes.

Hilarity would be guaranteed, money back if you’re not satisfied.

What would happen would change the world.

Reasons to love my interwebs friends even more, #64,788:

When told that I will soon be On Call for Jury Duty, [profile] livenud made me this:

11 Angry Men and 1 Who's Really Having a Pretty Good Time

Indeed, I cannot imagine a life where I would never come home to something like this, with no note of explanation, in my mailbox:


[profile] chuckdawg and [profile] sarahsam are coming over tonight to eat and watch Doctor Who.
It will be fun.

Also, I have all of my pencils out, and a new sketchpad, and the new wooden box for my loose pencils, and the portfolio thing Sara got for my "art."

One might almost think I can draw.

Suffice it to say, you will be subjected to a number of "artistic" terrors of "drawing" quite soon.

You have been warned.
I love my friends.

Who knew that a few posts about Creepy Photoshop Lady would provide so many entries of pure entertainment? Not I. And now...



Life, it keeps getting better.

Part One:

A few months ago Lovely Wife Sara convinced me to watch a movie she loved as a child that had just come out on DVD, a movie called Savannah Smiles. I asked Geoff at That's Rentertainment -- best video store EVAR -- if he was getting it in, and he said he would call me when it arrived.

He did, we watched it, and I cried like a little girl at this children's movie about bank robbers who accidentally kidnap the Cutest Child Ever.

Anyway, when the tears ended, I took a photo of myself. If you think this is bad, you should see how ugly I am when I'm actually in the process of crying:

Yesterday Belgian artist [profile] grafunkel   was inspired by the last few days worth of photos and did me up right proper-like.

And if you missed it, you'd better see what [profile] pyrotech_c3h8  did for me at the same time, complete independently.


"Well Ben, thanks to your post about photo retouching services, I decided to try my hand at it, and I think mine came out pretty well. I thought it only fitting that I take a picture of you for inspiration!

First, I started with this picture

I thought I could even it out a bit and I was pretty pleased with the results. Now THIS is the type of picture you mail home to your parents in a Christmas card motherfuckers!"

Now jump on their LJ's like they're sweet, round, perfect booties with the word TAP tattooed on one cheek and ME on the other.



PS - Special thanks to [profile] wigu, without whom none of this would have been possible. He probably would like you to mail him some beer.
 More reasons that my friends kick ass? OKAY!

See, I was having a Fuckbrain issue, as this comic illustrates.

And what was [personal profile] nykki 's response?

Don't you wish your friends were freaks like her?

I love my friends.

Pictures )

Seeing Kate and Staci and Kaia and Maddy for dinner tonight.
See Sarah and Chuck Dawg tomorrow night so they can see Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special--The Runaway Bride--before the new season starts.

My friends are awesometacular. Plus some biscuits.

My thanks to everybody for keeping comments, et cetera, civil in the previous post.

I expected no less from my flist.


Clean up my office a bit
Sort some comic books
Sort some DVDs
Write tonight


Slide down fucking muddy hill next to our car and damn-near break arm/ribs


Off to eat Mexican food with friends.

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