Soon there will be new art and new things to buy and...well, you'll see soon enough.

Oh, and this LJ will be getting a feed from my website soon....

I couldn't think of a damn thing to draw, so Nadja [[ profile] fairyarmadillo] gave me rapid-fire word suggestions.

They were:

- Ostrich

- Bicycle

- Toothbrush

- Tuba

- Meemaw Cat [because Isis is old and was snuggled in her warm soft blanket]

- Sandwich [I drew a pastrami one]

- A kid on a skateboard doing sick tricks [and the first-draft FAIL of that one]

- and a Doodlebug

Things I Can't Draw - Nadja suggestions brain was acting up last week.

Usually When I'm This Happy Fuckbrain Art

Everybody's got a little bit of OCD. I've got a little bit of everybody's. Here's one example for you.

My brain likes certain things to be organized and then placed into piles and stacks. It's very difficult for me to use drawers, as out of sight is truly out of mine for me. As such, small clusters of things sprout up around our house. On occasion, I realize that these detritus-mounds are getting a bit obtrusive, so I decide to clean up a bit.

All of these sorted things were in dozens of different piles around our place. When I organize, I gather ALL of them, make one HUGE mound, and sort downwards. In this photo, I was about to start on the box in the lower right.

None are put away until ALL are sorted.

A few weeks ago I had pulled out a few piles of stuff and a box of papers to go through. Nadja casually mentioned that I should really stand up and take a photograph. I had absolutely no idea why she would ask me to do this.

b  - “I'm just sorting things.”
N - “Mmm-hmm.”
b  - “Why would I take a picture of—[looking down]—oh.”
N - “That's not how most people sort things, baby.”
b  - “Not surprising.”

I had never taken a step back from my sorting methods and looked at them from the outside. When I look at this photograph, I know exactly what's going on; it took me no time at all to label it even though I took it over a month ago. When I look at it from the point of view of somebody just walking into the room? Holy shit, that dude must have The Crazies.

My obsessive compulsive disorder has, over the past few years, managed to overtake my mood disorder and my Tourette's. They're both still around, of course, but having Nadja around has calmed them both. My OCD has picked up the slack and become an inexcusable bastard.

I'm going to try to start taking notes of some of my methods and peculiarities. Perhaps I can get back into doing some Fuckbrain Comix specifically about these things.

Here’s a key to my labeling. Any jokes made about how the letters in the photo aren’t in the right order are clearly being made by somebody without OCD. :)

Oh, FINE, you want to know what everything IS... )


benchilada: (Kick ass)
[ profile] beth_noel took a photo of us at her Brunch for Fabulous People.

[ profile] benchilada and [ profile] fairyarmadillo here to rock the house.

I love my life, I love my someday-to-be-wife.

Nadja and I at Beth's Brunch
A comic about how my art block is going away and why

My art block continues to dwindle.

Once my Halloween costume is done, I am SO ready to make more. :D

Alena and Nadja the [ profile] fairyarmadillo and I were drinking and decided to eat some food that Alex the Fauxmerican sent us.

Please to enjoy.

SYDHT: Crisp bags from The Fauxmerican
BANG-AT-BANG tattoos

Bit of a story here.

I'm one of the executors of the estate of Michael Hart. He was the e-book guy, the founder of Project Gutenberg, and one of my best friends. That having been said, he did make me an executor, so he must have held a little malice in his heart towards me. :P

He died in September 2011, but his estate is still slowly being processed, so Nadja and I are really devoting a LOT of our lives to this endeavor right now. As such, my lovely [ profile] fairyarmadillo had the idea that we should memorialize both Michael and this part of our lives with a little something he used to do.

Michael liked e-mail. He sent lots of e-mails. No, really, LOTS of e-mails. Thankfully, he knew that none of us could possibly read everything he wrote, so when there was something of grave import or in need of immediate reply, the subject line started with what he called BANG-AT-BANG, represented as !@!.

Michael was important. This estate is important. The things made and done with our arms are important. My relationship with Nadja Robot is supremely important.

Both of our wrists match now. We have <3 on the left and !@! on the right.

When we hold hands, one will be against the other.

Love is important.


Michael S Hart grave marker has a QR code on the back

[ profile] fairyarmadillo and I visited our friend Michael's gravestone for the first time yesterday. The QR code Nadja recommended works perfectly, even from this photo.

Inventor of the e-book, founder of Project Gutenberg, still digital from the grave. :)

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They came to Minnesota.

On vacation.

From Denmark.

From there, a package was mailed to me and [ profile] fairyarmadillo.

Their names are Kathryn and Henrik.


There was...LICORICE!

This is seriously a lot of licorices


Buke cheese wedges from Denmark


Coop remoulade from Denmark

Wasa frukost? Depends, you talkin' apples or mangoes?

Wasa Frukost - Dunno go ask your mother


Golden Seafood - 80 percent torskerogn Stegte Sidelfile by Bornholms from Denmark Coop Makrillfile from Denmark nom fish in a can

But honestly, the licorice and the cheese were the most fun. The fishes was delishes, so they got trimmed out of the video. :P You don't press play on these things to watch me going "OH MAN THIS ONE IS ALSO REALLY DELICIOUS FISH," do you?

Thank you so much, Denmark, for bringing unto us Kathryn and Henrik and their gifts of food.

Oh, hey, look...A VIDEO of us!


benjamin and Nadja
Stone Robot Enterprises

[ profile] fairyarmadillo and I made Valentine's Day cards for each other as we laid in bed last night. She also made one for everybody with her little piggy, Zoot. :D


Valentine's Day Drawings for My Favorite Robot!

(Drawn in pencil, sorry for the bad scan)

Valentine for benjamin

[HEY! is one of the only things I shout with regularity, and yes, my Tourette's sometimes makes me throw things. :P]


Cupid Piggie!


Stone-Robot Enterprises

The alarmingly amazing Nadja "[ profile] fairyarmadillo" Robot has set up the first iteration of:

The Stone Robot Enterprises Art Store!

We currently have four images on four different products. They are:


Lemon Merengue Pi


Fancy bird


Hemingway Comix Final


Wombat - Number 14 in the Inappropriate Comix Nature Series

Products are shirts, coffee mugs, beer glasses, and tote bags.

We also take requests for products with other shitty drawings I've made or other great drawings that Nadja made.



benjamin sTone
Stone Robot Enterprises

[ profile] fairyarmadillo and I did some jam comics late last night. Please to enjoy one.


Meanwhile with the Dinosaurs Stone-Robot jam comic

It's another about my sleep-talking. There are a few others and will be more.


HINT: Me and [ profile] fairyarmadillo

Sleep-talking benjamin Lies and Truths

It's in Ye Olde Schoole format, just me drawing random things. I had suggestion advice from the ever-lovely [ profile] fairyarmadillo, and I'm very proud of our results.

Things I Can't Draw - The Robot Assistance Edition

Can't find another telephone, but I have had another rocket animal:

and another frog:

Enjoy your day, kids.



Once more unto the bleargh....

This time, kids, Matt Fear came along for the ride an he and I and Nadja had a hell of a time. Special thanks to Norma for the first and second cans. :D

Wanna know what we had?


It's the photo that's blurry, not the can.

meatless spaghettic sauce with pickled cucumber picture lies

Sounds like food....

meatless spaghettic sauce with pickled cucumber ingredients

When there's no pic on the can...

Whole mini cucumbers can wonder if your lasers will even hit the mini cucumbers.

Lasers will miss your whole mini cucumbers

A curry spice in liquid form. Joy.

Turmeric Ukon Drink - Hangover cure from Japan

There is a fourth item, but you'll just have to wait and see. Pics of it will be below the video.

Please enjoy.

If you've finished the video, you can click here. )

Moral of the Story?

One cannot protect against "viscosity,"--I'm looking at you, Castrol GX--because "viscosity" is a physical property of any liquid. One can change it through "thermal breakdown" but not remove it.

Also, this SYDHT was super fun.


benjamin, and by proxy, Nadja and Matt

[ profile] fairyarmadillo and I made some Jam Comics. :)

Jam Comics with Nadja - Steampunk Bacon

...and also...

Jam Comics with Nadja - A Man and His Rowboat
It must be love.


In case you didn't hear,
[info]fairyarmadillo and I went to Shanghai. I took lots of photos. Nadja took a far more sensible amount.

In any event, my little brother Nate 1000 is living there right now, so we all hung out a lot. Pretty fucking awesome. We went into a Dia convenience store so that we could find some strange foods to eat. Nathan picked several, we picked several, and we all sat down at the hotel one night to film:


There are only a few pics of the food. Somehow we took pictures of everything in Shanghai but the packages for this stuff.

So be it, for this is one of my favorite SYDHT's.

As always, my tics get worse when on camera. Weird.

Also, mind your Halloween bags this year for "Dry Beef Hot" and vacuum-sealed, shelf-stable meat. Or man/woman up and try 'em. Maybe you'll actually like it.

Hot dry beef

Duck and Donkey Meat



We had a fucking awesome week in Shanghai with my brother Nathan and old friends of hers--and new friends of mine--Tinny and Jarek. We are slowly putting up pics on our Flickr accounts. Here are some of mine and some of hers. Click on them to be whisked away to that person's Flickr account. More pics are forthcoming.


A relatively average apartment building:

A relatively average apartment building in Shanghai

If nobody's in your shop, why not nap with your dog? Makes sense to me.

Store owners get bored too

My lady eats delicious la mian Muslim noodles from a street vendor:

Nadja eats delicious cold la mian noodles from a Muslim street vendor in Shanghai


Red panda goes OM NOM NOM on some bamboo:

Delicious stick

Ancient temple, modern city:

Ancient temple, modern city

Me eating stinky tofu, which was delicious:

benjamin eats stinky tofu for the first time

And yes, [ profile] fairyarmadillo and I shot several So You Don't Have To videos, including one with my little brother Nathan.


It's [ profile] fairyarmadillo's birthday, so I drew a ladybee for my ladybee.

It's really hard to draw something like this.

She's my dame.



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