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This is just a reminder that the devastatingly-addictive Nanaca Crash game is still up on the internet.

Nanaca Crash Boost

Nanaca Crash is an online spin-off game from Cross Channel, an H-Game for the PS2. Surprisingly, it is entirely SFW. This bastard of a flash game has been destroying free time since it first arrived online. God knows I’ve wasted many hours of my life on it.

Here’s the plot: girls are keeping a pervert away from them by beating the fuck out of him. Your goal is to keep him in the air after hits from various girls send him up, diagonally, sideways, give bonus boosts or stop him in his tracks.

Go ahead and click this pic to play. I dare you. You didn’t need spare time anyway.

Nanaca Crash Opening Screen

Oh, and try to beat my score while you’re at it.

Nanaca Crash Best Score benjamin personal

Latest Fuckbrain Comix–about OCD and science–is being touched-up tonight and will be posted tomorrow.



I enjoy writing ebay auction descriptions. Make a click on the pic.


Me as Arthur Drake, Jr., at the Elysium on the Prairie vampire LARP many many years ago

That's right, I used to LARP.

And I won't apologize for it. It may have been years since I even played a tabletop game, whether Call of Cthulhu or D&D or what have you, and I may miss both LARP and paper but fond memories of those days still linger..

I played Elysium on the Prairie for...oh god, ten years, off-and-on...before it swapped to the new rules, which seemed like a good time to duck out.

Hell, I was even a narrator for years and a storyteller for a year or two.

In the words of Edith Piaf...

As a quick aside, if any of the old EotP players, or those from Chicago or Tuscola or wherever, have photos of the characters of EotP from before the rules change, I would love to see them. If they're digital, e-mail them to me at moxy@tmbg.org. Please notate player and character names if you know them. If you only have physical copies, I'd love to borrow them to scan them in. I'll give you copies of the resulting digital files.

Since I posted me as Arthur Drake, Jr.--caring but batshittedly violent Caitiff Sheriff of the domain--I'll throw in another one of him with Amy as Alicia Stevenson. Next is me as Raimond Dulac--cold and emotionless Cathar who, as a Ventrue Prince and later Archon, legitimately gave a shit about the people domain. Finally, misogynistic bigoted racist Toreador coward Stanley Morrison, in a shot that I absolutely love. We didn't know it was being taken and were in the middle of acting-out a combat scene. Stanley was, of course, ducking like a bastard. I don't seem to have anything but a Very Tiny Picture of Tremere Bobby Kakihara, a man with unshakable Shinto believes and a Tremere you could actually trust. No, seriously. SHUT UP, STOP LAUGHING.

Want to know more? Ask.

Sherrif Arthur Drake Jr. with Amy:

Arthur Drake Jr and Alicia Stevenson

Prince (later Archon) Raimond Dulac with Matt and Tim and Becky:

benjamin and Becky and Tim playing LARP as Raimond Dulac

Stanley Morrison with Cory, Karl, and Mike:

Corey and Me and Karl and Kos at a Brujah Rave LARP

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm an omnigeek and I love it. No, not quite. I *fucking* love it.

Got any secrets / pics to share about your sordid gaming days? As always, leave 'em in the comments.

As [livejournal.com profile] pilliwiggan once said,

"Benchilada does not live action role-play,
Live action role-plays Benchilada."

Your humble narrator,


Yep, I'm continuing to bring you only the best flash games, in the spirit of the previous one's I've shown: Secretly Fart At The Bus Stop So The Salaryman Next To You Won't Hear It and Stick Your Finger In Somebody's Pooper Before Their Turds Hit You.

You dodge "cowboys"--President Bush in a jeep--and kick over flags and Osama Bin Laden comes out when you clear a level.



When one thinks "Holy shit, they're really rocking out!" one does not tend to think of a Dutch-Indonesian rock band from the 50's and 60's. Thanks to [info]lunchiesdogangl introducing me to The Tielman Brothers, though, I do now.

Trust me, you want to watch the whole thing.


Three things for you today. A mess of medical stuff and other events have kept me from drawing or writing this week, so please enjoy the following:

GREAT COMIC BY [profile] chatterbox_dc and Molly Lawless.

Click the page to be taken to the whole comic, then rummage around Chemistry Set for some more amazing stuff. Seriously, it's great.

Whooops, looks like they've exceeded their bandwidth.
If they get it back up then I'll put it up on my own pro account.

Dear Korea,

We enjoyed your Poop Game.

It really was delightful.
Now I discover that you have a Fart At The Bus Stop Without the Salaryman Next To You Hearing It game.

The SBD Gauge really made it for me.


No, really; thank you.


At home from work with a migraine that's down to about 30% now. In the mean time...

More PHOTOS OF MY LIFE? Love to.

This time we choose one from the ridiculously demanding [info]graymalkan. Seriously, he demanded five shots, I think.

Anyway, here we go...


Still accepting requests.

God bless you, 1980's.

God bless you.

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