The Effective Grinning of Sir Reginald by Nadja Robot

A piece of lovely art from my Robot.

Yes, this may be an ominous portent of Things To Come.

Want to know more?

There's an easy way.

[ profile] fairyarmadillo and I did some jam comics late last night. Please to enjoy one.


Meanwhile with the Dinosaurs Stone-Robot jam comic

Man, I got two SIR REGINALD drawings in the last couple of days.

The first is a pencil drawing that arrived in the mail. It's by that sexiest of beasts,[info]his_hamstress, and the blurred part is there because blah blah blah.

The second is by the ever-lovely and ever-talented [profile] the_crowchan  and was inspired by the recent mention of Sharon...

Just realized that this drawing kinda reminds me of [profile] ms_tek ...

Have a good day, kids. Tonight I'll be eating something So You Don't Have To, which means that a complete entry on it should be up by Friday morning.


So, remember the Joshua F. eBay Dinosaur Saga? You can still see the drawings if you select the seller and choose "Completed Auctions."

Well, I wasn't going to tell Joshua or his mother why the sales were shooting upwards. I kinda wanted it to be a mystery, but somebody did something awesome.

[personal profile] nykkisent her an e-mail that week and let her know.

And I read the e-mail that the mother sent back and I cried, and I thought about how sweet and wonderful that was of[personal profile] nykki--my fake-adoptive sister--and I started crying even more.


"Awesome!!! Send me his address and we will do that, I will have Josh draw him a special picture and send with a thank you card! Send his info to my email: XXX. I love it Thanks so much!!! I know Josh is going to totally flip when he gets home from school and I show him all of this! Thanks again! Also thanks to you and would you please send a message to the people on the live journal a great big thanks? I would be grateful, we are going to have a very small Christmas this year because of financial difficulties and I believe that this idea of Josh's stemmed from that, it shows that he is growing up and thinking of others, and not only himself this Christmas!
Great thanks and God Bless!
Bonnie-Josh's Mom"


This weekend I received a package. Joshua sent me a thank you card and a very special drawing of my own.

So please thank Nykki, and thank all of you again for doing such wonderful things for this 9 year-old boy.

Yep, that's a yellow dinosaur protecting its nest of eggs and salivating while looking at a delicious  flamingo.

You may now die of jealousy.

Love to you all,
Off to edit manga,



Nov. 15th, 2007 05:05 pm
benchilada: (Bird People)
You know, I've been referring to previous posts in nearly every entry I've done this week. Weak week recursion. Anyway...

So do you remember that one post where I showed a piece of Fan Art I'd gotten?

Well, I received a second one but decided I'd hold off on showing it, in hopes that the person would tip their hand.

And she did. I got the truth about who did my two "Benchilada is my hero" drawings.

[profile] pilliwiggan

What an utter fucking nutter. Which is, of course, why she's so damned awesome.

Oh, and also, [profile] sickyprincess showed me a new drawing from Joshua on eBay, with a special message intended to make me cry. Click on that link and then keep scrolling down.

An additional message from Bonnie from another, unnamed source.

"Also...would you please send a message to the people on the live journal a great big thanks? I would be grateful, we are going to have a very small Christmas this year because of financial difficulties and I believe that this idea of Josh's stemmed from that, it shows that he is growing up and thinking of others, and not only himself this Christmas!
Great thanks and God Bless!
Bonnie-Josh's Mom"

This is why you need to remember that it's really all about you guys. Y'all did the right awesome thing.

Take a bow.

Somebody sent me a mystery drawing.

Sadly, I don't recognize their real name--which, along with the address--is all I have to go on.

So, if you live in Beaumont, Texas, and you sent me...

...then this is my command to you:


Don't care what your answer is, HERE ARE THREE MORE!

The first one is by me and Lovely Wife Sara:

The next one is by, in order, Matthew, me, Sara, Matthew:

And this last one is Matthew, me, Sara, Matthew, me, Sara, Matthew:


HOT! I've gotten several Sir Reginald drawings in the last few days, and I feel the need to show them off.

First we have [ profile] demongoldfish, nee Tim Pearson, who read the stories without looking at any Reg art. As such, his TWO takes are entirely different--yet eerily similar--to other people's interpretations:


Head over to his LJ and give him some lovin'. Some hot, feisty lovin'....

The second person, [ profile] ar901, aka Adam R., is going to be borrowing Sir Reginald for a scene he's doing in one of his own works, and has given us both a drawing AND A CHALLENGE FOR YOU, THE READER!

Adam wants each of you to explain, in one paragraph of story only, why Sir Reginald is "opening an apartment door in NJ loosely dressed in a kimono over his vest and shirt.  [Explain why] his pants are missing, there is a geisha wig on his head, and his clothes have been splashed with a gooey substance."

Now get on it.


I totally lurrrrrrrve [profile] lil_deth_cukie. She doodled.

A) Am in Chicago.
     Saturday is my birthday.
     Should I go out somewhere on Sat. night, and if so where, and if so, who'll show up?
     I'll probably be free around 10:30 or 11:00 pm.
     We're in Chicago proper, so no freaking Mokena hot-spots or anything.

B) [profile] iamangelachase is awesome. You know how often I ask a certain question about a certain type of clothing? Well, she drew it for me.

What my desk area looks like right now, sans laptop.
Loads of toys, books, and original art on the walls.
Ask questions about things that look interesting / omgwtfbbq.

Yeah, I forgot to take a picture of the center of the toys. Maybe I'll fix that after 5pm.

Not interested so much in the pictures?

Then go FUCK WITH MY ART already!

And thank you for your support.


What's that, my monkeys?

You want Topp Sekrit glimpses at Sir Reginald art? By real artists?

Dunno. I mean, if I did, I've have to show the awesome watercolor first "sketch" by [ profile] jimmahgee, in preparation for illustrating the story I wrote for him...

Like this:

And then [ profile] the_crowchan would get all pissy, because I didn't show four random frames from the first page of the story I gave her to illustrate...

So, obviously, I can't show you a thing.


Current Sir Reginald art update:

[ profile] jimmahgee = Has had original Sir Reg story written for him to draw
[ profile] andyluke = We're coordinating a new story for him to draw
[ profile] the_crowchan = Am writing original story for her to draw
[ profile] chuckdawg = Has laid claim to illustrating the first Sir Reginald story
[ profile] grafunkel = Has laid claim to illustrating the Man-X story
[ profile] mearn4d10 = Is working on "Perspectived Sir Reginald" piece (whatever that means)

EDIT: [ profile] scud_o = Will be doing a film version of the Man-X story
[ profile] fairyarmadillo = Will be doing a photoplay I will write for her, starring her lovely [ profile] locura_insomnio

Anybody else I'm missing?
Who was it that said they wanted to do a Sir Reginald photo project?

Want a piece of the action? Nothing will be rejected, even if your art is as bad as mine.

Let me know if you want to lay claim to a previously written story or if you want an original one. If you want the latter, let me know what format you want it written in, i.e. five pages, one released each day; comic strip format; one big silly splash page; et cetera.

Someday maybe we'll get to anthologize these, in the manner of Project: Superior and the like.



What [ profile] zundian sees when he thinks of Sir Reginald:

A meme that's actually worth its weight in spit. Spread the word:

From [ profile] baconistasty, a meme-gift for his girl:

Ok, I have a request for my friends page. My girlfriend, Melanie, has her birthday tomorrow (Thursday), and for her gift I made her a sketchbook. However, she mentioned the other day that she wanted to start her own meme like the Batgirl one (well, actually, like my friend say_no_to_jon, who did his "Draw Andrew" meme), and have different people draw her. So, I thought that I could get some artists to draw a portrait of her, and put them in this sketchbook. However, it'd be really great if anyone reading this could do their own version.

So, if you would be so kind as to draw a picture of her with the below links for reference, I will link back to wherever you'd like me to, and I'll draw anything you want (well, within reason...). I know, not much to offer, but it is all I have. You also get to help me make an awesome gift? I want to paste these in the journal, so unless you can give me the drawings personally (a few of you?), if you could email me at with a high resolution version of it, that would be awesome! Any drawings are great!! Tell your friends! Anyway, one more thing: although I'm pretty sure she wouldn't see them, if you could not post your drawings anywhere but this post or my email until the weekend, I would be so grateful. I want to keep this a surprise.

Thanks internet pals! I don't think this'll get too big, but I can hope, right?

Photo reference:
Graduation Pics and short hair (older pictures):

More recent pictures (closer to her current hair), but right after she got hit by a car:

UPDATE: Thanks, Laura, for reminding me of the Melanie's mouse self-portraits! You can find a comic featuring her here:

GAH! Forgot to show off the Sir Reginald drawing that [ profile] mythworker put in the comments section of another of my posts:

I really need to make a Flickr group out of these. When I gather them all together--AND WHEN MORE PEOPLE MAKE THEM--I'll post a link to the group.

You people make me very happy.
New Sir Reginald tonight.

Also I'll make a post to show [ profile] aves_ives something that I hid in an SNKvsCAPCOM comic for him...


Check The Awesome(tm) that [ profile] the_crowchan made for this Sir Reginald tale:

"Gracious," said Sir Reginald B, as he went to stand over his double, "I do so very much hope that I'm the real one."

benchilada: (Kick ass)
The two actual drawings of Sir Reginald I've gotten so far:

EDIT: Check the comments section for another one from [ profile] mythworker .

[ profile] grafunkel gives usk, from the depths of his Belgians Are Fucking Insane imagination:

and [ profile] el_corbinism provides us with a partially-recovered version of what he was working on when Photoshop died:

Hilarity ensues.

I don't care if you can't draw or take shitty pictures.

I want people's impressions of what Sir Reginald looks like.

Steal photos from online, photoshop things, draw a drawing.

Gimme gimme gimme.

Random Pictures.

Remember when I said I didn't want to get caught drawing a robot for sale in the snow during a meeting? Well, I got caught. And here's the robot.

Did I ever claim my drawings didn't suck? Shut up.

And here are three more pictures that have no relation to each other at all. )

Today was finish-editing-Iron-Wok-Jan-v.18-and-study-for-library-test day. Tomorrow is library test day, but I'm hoping to write something that uses the phrase "EXPLODE WITH PERFECTION!"

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