[profile] chuckdawg  wants you to understand Science! because that's how he rolls.

Lightning and the Juggernaut should be REQUIRED for explaining science.

benchilada: (Lunch)
Hey, it can't be all bad after all!

I mean, look!


What could possibly go wrong?! )
If you don't go see SHOOT EM UP then I will fucking glass you. Three-eighths-of-a-pint of rum in my pepsi made it EVEN MORE BEST!
So, it's pretty fucking fun to get packages in the mailbox addressed only to "Benchilada, 712 S. Anderson, Urbana, IL, 61801."

It's even more funner when the package comes from the lovely pairing of [profile] pure_doxyk and [personal profile] riotmod.

I forgetted to take a photo of the card they included, but it was essentially:

1) Observe
2) Phear
3) Eat
4) Take Photos
5) Entertain Us

So, here's what were as to be in it:

Hello Kitty. Apple Marshmallow. Apple Jelly Inside. With an illustration that looks like a cross-section of a hard-boiled egg.

Oh. Oh HELLS yeah.

So, I got this package right before [profile] chuckdawg and [profile] sarahsam came by for dinner, so we made it my second ever group version of So You Don't Have To.

Don't worry, the next one will be another solo adventure, with a gift I got from from [profile] his_hamstress.

Also, for some reason, I was an idiot and deleted the first photo of me pointing at the egg, speared as it was on a dainty cocktail fork. So be it.

In any event...

Well, okay, this installment of So You Don't Have To actually took place two months ago, but I've finally gotten the photos in gear.


See, I had these in the cupboard for a while. Then [profile] chuckdawg  and [profile] sarahsam  were over one night, and I decided to have witnesses to their consumption.

And then I peer-pressured [profile] chuckdawg  into eating one. Many photos were taken, but that's where the suck part comes in.

Somehow, in my infinite dumbness, I managed to delete the initial photos of me eating them.

As such, the beginning of this photostravaganza is chuckdawg doing his part, then me eating them again after we...

You heard it here first, folks.

Possible autobiography title for [profile] chuckdawg:


"Good night and god bless, now fuck off to bed." - Shane McGowan
Behind on all of your LJ's.
Maybe should probably catch up tomorrow.

Gotta go feed the cats of [profile] city_of_dis , [profile] porpentine_4 , and [profile] icayrus .

Also, pizza and a burrito and a root beer float is too much to eat.
Even when in good company like [profile] chuckdawg  and [profile] sarahsam  and Lovely Wife Sara.

The White Russians helped were alcohol, though.
The invitation listed a "...strict no ninjas policy. Ninjas will be keelhauled."

So I came as a ZOMBIE PIRATE!!! (c.f. this phone post)

Zombie Pirate and his Saucy Wench

Zombie pirate drank that entire bottle of "sparkling wine" very quickly. Then, right when he was done, he heard [profile] chuckdawg  shouting "It's Shot O'Clock!" from inside the house.

Uncle Zombie Pirate Drinky's work is never done.
Root beer floats from Monday night's Heroes / Doctor Who viewing party with [livejournal.com profile] sarahsam, [livejournal.com profile] chuckdawg, and Lovely Wife Sara.

Drew another Hero/Villain.

This guy's kinda both, and nobody requested him. I just drew him on Monday night after [profile] sarahsam and [profile] chuckdawg and Sara and I whupped on each other playing the Japanese import version of RIVAL SCHOOLS: Burning Justice Academy (aka PROJECT JUSTICE). I drew him with no reference whatsoever, and if you look at what he really looks like, it shows.

Today's quote comes from [profile] chuckdawg:


"I prefer to call it the Supervodkallider.

I send vodka into my mouth at very high speeds, and it allows me to see back in time. Not "recreate the conditions of the beginning of the universe." I actually see back in time.

Everything was really blurry back then."
[livejournal.com profile] chuckdawg gives us his rendition of the first story I wrote about Sir Reginald.

[profile] chuckdawg and [profile] sarahsam are coming over tonight to eat and watch Doctor Who.
It will be fun.

Also, I have all of my pencils out, and a new sketchpad, and the new wooden box for my loose pencils, and the portfolio thing Sara got for my "art."

One might almost think I can draw.

Suffice it to say, you will be subjected to a number of "artistic" terrors of "drawing" quite soon.

You have been warned.

Says [livejournal.com profile] chuckdawg, in response to my most recent post:

"That's as subtle as pooping on a couch." -- [profile] chuckdawg


[profile] chuckdawg  always got my back
I love my friends.

Pictures )

Seeing Kate and Staci and Kaia and Maddy for dinner tonight.
See Sarah and Chuck Dawg tomorrow night so they can see Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special--The Runaway Bride--before the new season starts.

My friends are awesometacular. Plus some biscuits.

What's next?

Did a Sir Reginald last week, working on a bigger story, can't immediately think of a Fuckbrain Comic, and am in talks with several artists about collaborations...

What should I Interweb now? What will increase my Base Field of Monkeys?

Also, somebody please cut open my head, Athena is ready to be born, armor and weapons and all.



You remember [info]chuckdawg right? He wrote the magnificent Things That Will Never Happen bit, and often has very clear and level-headed and insightful things about politics?

Well, he's unlocked some of his fiction. Just a bit--not his Devil's Year stuff, which is fantastic but a work-in-progress--and you should go check it out.

It would help if he tagged things with words like "fiction" or something, but if you jump on his LJ right now, you'll find some of his Hank and Tim stuff, which is terribly good, particularly if you're drunk and depressed. Or hopeful. Or all three.

[profile] chuckdawg has written a great Thing That Will Never Happen:

Washington, D.C., 11/8/06, 11 AM.

Speaker Pelosi approached the podium carrying a bloody mary and a cigar in the same hand.  The press started snapping pictures.  Speaker Pelosi grabbed the microphone off the pedestal and started wandering around the stage like a stand-up comic.

"Well, NOW you guys want to pay attention to me?

Click and keep reading.
Current Sir Reginald art update:

[livejournal.com profile] jimmahgee = Has had original Sir Reg story written for him to draw
[livejournal.com profile] andyluke = We're coordinating a new story for him to draw
[livejournal.com profile] the_crowchan = Am writing original story for her to draw
[livejournal.com profile] chuckdawg = Has laid claim to illustrating the first Sir Reginald story
[livejournal.com profile] grafunkel = Has laid claim to illustrating the Man-X story
[livejournal.com profile] mearn4d10 = Is working on "Perspectived Sir Reginald" piece (whatever that means)

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] scud_o = Will be doing a film version of the Man-X story
[livejournal.com profile] fairyarmadillo = Will be doing a photoplay I will write for her, starring her lovely [livejournal.com profile] locura_insomnio

Anybody else I'm missing?
Who was it that said they wanted to do a Sir Reginald photo project?

Want a piece of the action? Nothing will be rejected, even if your art is as bad as mine.

Let me know if you want to lay claim to a previously written story or if you want an original one. If you want the latter, let me know what format you want it written in, i.e. five pages, one released each day; comic strip format; one big silly splash page; et cetera.

Someday maybe we'll get to anthologize these, in the manner of Project: Superior and the like.



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