Me as Arthur Drake, Jr., at the Elysium on the Prairie vampire LARP many many years ago

That's right, I used to LARP.

And I won't apologize for it. It may have been years since I even played a tabletop game, whether Call of Cthulhu or D&D or what have you, and I may miss both LARP and paper but fond memories of those days still linger..

I played Elysium on the Prairie for...oh god, ten years, off-and-on...before it swapped to the new rules, which seemed like a good time to duck out.

Hell, I was even a narrator for years and a storyteller for a year or two.

In the words of Edith Piaf...

As a quick aside, if any of the old EotP players, or those from Chicago or Tuscola or wherever, have photos of the characters of EotP from before the rules change, I would love to see them. If they're digital, e-mail them to me at Please notate player and character names if you know them. If you only have physical copies, I'd love to borrow them to scan them in. I'll give you copies of the resulting digital files.

Since I posted me as Arthur Drake, Jr.--caring but batshittedly violent Caitiff Sheriff of the domain--I'll throw in another one of him with Amy as Alicia Stevenson. Next is me as Raimond Dulac--cold and emotionless Cathar who, as a Ventrue Prince and later Archon, legitimately gave a shit about the people domain. Finally, misogynistic bigoted racist Toreador coward Stanley Morrison, in a shot that I absolutely love. We didn't know it was being taken and were in the middle of acting-out a combat scene. Stanley was, of course, ducking like a bastard. I don't seem to have anything but a Very Tiny Picture of Tremere Bobby Kakihara, a man with unshakable Shinto believes and a Tremere you could actually trust. No, seriously. SHUT UP, STOP LAUGHING.

Want to know more? Ask.

Sherrif Arthur Drake Jr. with Amy:

Arthur Drake Jr and Alicia Stevenson

Prince (later Archon) Raimond Dulac with Matt and Tim and Becky:

benjamin and Becky and Tim playing LARP as Raimond Dulac

Stanley Morrison with Cory, Karl, and Mike:

Corey and Me and Karl and Kos at a Brujah Rave LARP

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm an omnigeek and I love it. No, not quite. I *fucking* love it.

Got any secrets / pics to share about your sordid gaming days? As always, leave 'em in the comments.

As [ profile] pilliwiggan once said,

"Benchilada does not live action role-play,
Live action role-plays Benchilada."

Your humble narrator,

Admit it, LARPers, you know that for at least one of your characters, this has totally been true:


This time they're from
[profile] dr_aj 
1.) What is a song you love but you are too embarrassed to tell people?

See, there you go, assuming that I have a sense of embarrassment. :) Seriously, you're talking to somebody who has the following songs on his computer:

Sugar in the Marmalade - Leon Lai
Winkle Picker Shoes Blues - Bernard Cribbins
Got Rice - Azn Pride
Tarzan Boy - Baltimora
My Pal Foot Foot - The Shaggs
Closer to Wannabe - NIN vs Spice Girls

And those are just the first six that popped into my head out of my 15,000 songs...

I can't think of anything at all, off the top of my head, that I'm even vaguely ashamed of. :)

2.) How many times have you had your heart broken?

I'm supposed to be able to quantify this?
For various reasons, not all romantically inclined, either.
And that's just actual BREAKINGS, not just crackings...

3.) Are you all planning any kids?

Bit of a dodgy choice for Lovely Wife Sara and I. Allow me to work backwards through the facts/concerns:

a) Maximum of two, probably just one. For us, more than that seems irresponsible on a number of levels.

b) Would it be better to adopt a child or two? After all, they're already here,

c) I have a host of neurological disorders, and while I like to think that I could safely guide my child/ren through anything they may go through as a result of any they inherit, it's still a hell of a weight to consider,

d) Can you imagine small benjamins / benjaminettes? Pride / terror are equally balanced.

4.) What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?

That clam jerky was not as high up the list as you might have thought.
I have to say that the worst things I can think of have all been spoiled things, like when I bit into a hard-boiled egg that had been bad before I cooked it. Or the time that I bought milk from a vending machine, opened the paper top, poured half of the container into my mouth before realizing it was chunky, and then spitting it all over the floor of the student union.

Also, one person goes on that list, but they will never ever be named ever.

5.) What is your earliest memory of me?

LARP. Ventrue. I thought, "Not only is this woman rather attractive--in a creepy business-lady-like way right now--but she's acting the hell out of several people around her, and Jesus shit, what the fuck was that look for? Oh, right, 'cause the tag on my shirt says "Shotgun Across Back" and I think I might have just called her a bitch."

This may or not be complete. That's the best my memory works, I'm afraid.


I'm still taking requests for more questions, kids.
Holy carp, I've actually gotten back to my FIVE QUESTIONS duties!

Today's questions are by [profile] nhyrvana, and there's some hardcore geeking out in the first question.

1) Which LARP character of yours was your favorite?

 Well, given the choices, I’m going to rule out the Rather Nice member of a Rather Mean Clan, Bobby Kakihara of Clan Tremere. He was fun, but I’m not sure I had enough time to get to explore him.

 Playing a racist, bigoted, prejudiced, coward was fun, even if I felt filthy at the end of every night that I played him. Even the vague misogyny he expressed that was really his attempt to declare women’s superiority over men was a treat. Still, Stanley Morrison the Toreador doesn’t win.

 Raimond Horlage Dulac was a lovely break for me, somebody for whom showing emotion of any sort was a sin. True Brujah are a bitch to play—or at least, to expertly cover up—and when you add to that the character’s ultimate goal of the destruction of all things physical in the world, well…things get fun.

 The winner, though, is the socio/psychopathic Caitiff named Arthur Drake, Jr. He was a madcrazed guy who had a martyr complex for all the wrong reasons. He had all the impulse control of a rabid greyhound on speed, all the self-esteem of that emo kid you keep seeing at the coffee shop, and enough weaponry on him at any given time to make the NRA rethink its political positions. He wanted to die for the city and citizens, but only so that, A) He’d be dead, B) Everybody would feel like shit that he’d died.

2. If you had the chance to play Sir Reginald in a movie, who would direct it?

 The Titanic Team-Up of Tsui Hark and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with consultations by Johnnie To Kar-Fai and Terry Gilliam.

 3. …and what would you wear on screen as your Sir Reginald costume THAT'S ACTUALLY IN YOUR CLOSET RIGHT NOW????

Black pinstripe suit. Bowler. Silk tie. Beat to shit and really very natty-looking combat books. Cane with the plastic finger on the top. Oh, and that straight razor.

4. If you could play any existing character in any existing movie, who would it be? (pretend you would have all nessasary skills & training regardless if you really do or not)

 Today it’s Justin Playfair / Sherlock Holmes, from the movie They Might Be Giants, starring George C. Scott and Joanne Woodward

5.(to #4's answer)Why?

Because on some days I feel just as mad as he does, other days just as sane, and on other days I really do want to save the day. No matter what, he’s a fascinating character, and he certainly does attract some interesting friends. Look, you really gotta see the movie, then I promise you'll understand.


Got questions? Ask.
I promise that I will either answer them before I die or I won't.

(Unrelated: ask is kinda an ugly word, isn't it?


Oct. 30th, 2005 10:41 am

Osiris, originally uploaded by benchilada.

Man, that was a cool and weirdass night. Three, maybe four years ago.

Honk if you remember it...

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