The Effective Grinning of Sir Reginald by Nadja Robot

A piece of lovely art from my Robot.

Yes, this may be an ominous portent of Things To Come.

Want to know more?

There's an easy way.
BANG-AT-BANG tattoos

Bit of a story here.

I'm one of the executors of the estate of Michael Hart. He was the e-book guy, the founder of Project Gutenberg, and one of my best friends. That having been said, he did make me an executor, so he must have held a little malice in his heart towards me. :P

He died in September 2011, but his estate is still slowly being processed, so Nadja and I are really devoting a LOT of our lives to this endeavor right now. As such, my lovely [ profile] fairyarmadillo had the idea that we should memorialize both Michael and this part of our lives with a little something he used to do.

Michael liked e-mail. He sent lots of e-mails. No, really, LOTS of e-mails. Thankfully, he knew that none of us could possibly read everything he wrote, so when there was something of grave import or in need of immediate reply, the subject line started with what he called BANG-AT-BANG, represented as !@!.

Michael was important. This estate is important. The things made and done with our arms are important. My relationship with Nadja Robot is supremely important.

Both of our wrists match now. We have <3 on the left and !@! on the right.

When we hold hands, one will be against the other.

Love is important.


Welcome to the latest video edition of So You Don't Have To.

So, let me apologize, first, to [personal profile] fairyarmadillo.
You see, she sent me today's So You Don't Have To via the post, in a box with an ice-pack and insulating stuff and everything.
And then, in the video, I go and call her Nadja Herreshoff. Because that used to be her name.

It isn't anymore, though, 'cause she got married, so her last name is now Robot.

Nadja Robot, married to Will Robot.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I fucking love my friends, which is why I'm sorry I used the wrong name, Ms. Blu.

In any event, she sent me a Tube Of Aryan Boy.
Swedish Aryan Boy.
Oh, wait.
It's a tube of fish roe and cream cheese. That's still cool. I mean, that's cool, but it's still in a tube which simultaneously adds and subtracts 177 cool points. Who thinks, "You know what would make our cream cheese spread better? No spray can, that's been done. How about a TUBE?! And we'll add FISH EGGS!" Apparently the Swedes.

But, as you can see by...the ingredients...



Let's get the to meat...errr...unborn fish of the matter.

As usual, watch for Tourette's Special Moves, including: The Flapping Arm Wing Thing (Up Up B A Down/Quarter-turn right) and the Nose Scrunch (Left Trigger).

And there you have it.

The verdict? Delicious. Would be tastier on stronger-flavored crackers (I had rice crackers) but quite good. And salty. Great for a cheese plate, great for a quick snack, great for helping prevent cause tartar.


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