...don't you dare add "Disorder" to the end unless you do things like irrationally think your hands are sticky, wash them three times, wash your desk and keyboard and mouse with cleaner, wash them again with water, wash your hands again, and then powder them before putting on latex gloves, all while sweating and shaking.

Yeah, everybody has some O's and some C's, but please understand that the D part is what sets we truly broken ones apart. Use the letters with caution.

I count my blessings regularly, and I hope that you do, too. Just for today, add to your list that you don't have to do things like this. :)

I'm behind on some of my old LJ features, so I'm gonna do some catch-up this weekend, get a few days ahead. Also gotta do some stuff with my actual fucking website.

Also...I was at Wal-Mart--SHUT UP I HAD NO CHOICE--and saw this DVD collection for five bucks.

How could I not?

And how could I not be so fucking stupid as to try to watch one a night for the next twelve nights?

Somebody kill me between these fucking things do.

I haven't even heard of nine of them.

Gonna start tonight.

Oh god.

12 Gore House Greats DVD cover

12 Gore House Greats DVD back cover

12 Gore House Greats DVD back cover 2
I was totally going to do another one of these, but I totally cocked it up on my second drawing of the page by doing a total spoiler for the whole movie.


Re-enjoy this one instead:

Things I Can't Draw: Favorite Movies Edition

See you around,


Anybody who knows me even vaguely knows that I'm forgetful, to an almost preposterous degree. Seriously, we're talking somebody who can't remember even the

Sara chafes in her regrettable position as "Person Who Has To Remind benjamin To Do Things Like Wipe" and so last night I drew this for her.

I then scanned it in on a public terminal at a library, on a scanner that apparently decided that white paper is gray.

I also penciled it too darkly, resulting in...


Ugh. Surely you've heard of Neo-Nazi teen-twin singing "sensation" Prussian Blue by now:

Well, I'd NEVER link to a site with a torrent of their three albums.

And I would NEVER EVER leave my copy--which hypothetically just finished downloading--seeding all night and probably off-and-on tomorrow for you.

As far as I'm concerned, if I'm going to be irate about it I should at least know what they sound like. I'm fascinated by utter bullshit like this.

And this way they'll never see a single penny of mine.

Is fifteen old enough to legally be called a bitch?

Man, I suck at waking up.

This morning when the alarm went off, I hit the snooze button and then turned off the alarm entirely.

"Benjamin, did you just turn off the alarm?"

"Crap, I'm sorry." I reached for the lamp.

"That's the lamp, benjamin, that's not going to help," said Sara.

I turned all the way over and reset the alarm to be the equivalent of hitting snooze once.

But I set it 12 hours off, 6:30pm instead of am.

This is an average day for me. Sleep just likes me and doesn't ever want to let me go.
I need to move the alarm to her side of the bed.
Also my head really hurts.

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