...as this video I shot demonstrates.

If you somehow slept through that part of the internet, The Onion A.V. Club interviewed They Might Be Giants and included their standard demand that guest acts perform a song from a list provided for them.

The result is here and fucking awesome. Read the bit below the video before watching it.

So, what did John, John, Dan, Dan, and Marty do as an appropriate response?

On Friday, in Chicago, they brought the whole A.V. Club onstage as a guitar army to play a different song, before swinging into the one they originally covered.

Fucking sweet.

Sorry I've been a bit distant again. Life is...hectic, but awesome.

I still love all most of you, though.

Hope you're having a great day.


Things The Internet Has Ruined Forever 4

It's sad, because there's good stuff there, but when I can jump on the internet and watch the world's tallest donkey have intimate relations with a talking Coke machine...well...


I know you occasionally like to promote good art for artists who've fallen on tough times! Check out my friend Jim's stuff. Poor dude broke his hip bone a few months ago, was out on disability, finally healed and got back to work, only to be laid off two weeks later (from a job at a copy shop, of all places). If you ever do one of those art promotey-type posts again, maybe keep him in mind?

Your internet friend,
Niki Sublime"


Well, here he is. Jim Ether's doing Six Dollar Mystery Paintings right now, for example. You can see the first twenty-five of them right here.

Then go ahead and visit his website, rummage around and see the great stuff he has, and for info on an SDMP, click the question mark at the bottom of the screen.

Help a broke and broken artist, folks. Buy some art.

I'll be promoting some more art next week, and even revisiting The Big Shill. Life's been a bit odd lately, including our furnace breaking in the middle of the night last night, but I'll get back into my posting rhythm soon.


In conclusion, Grant Morrison:

Located here as six mp3's.

Enjoy your weekend,

benchilada: (Bird People)
Sometimes it's good to be reminded that things like this exist.

It blew my mind when I first heard it nearly ten years ago, still blows my mind today.

More info.
Dear interwebs,

Please to never let things like this stop being funny to me.


benjamin, Age 9
benchilada: (Alphonse)
I never get tired of this.

5 minutes, 17 seconds of awesome from "Jet" Daisuke Aiba.

Everybody Wants to Be a Robot

I even got him to send me an mp3 of the song.

It is, indeed, THE AWESOME.


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