Listening to music as I clean, gonna leave it playing while we go out to dinner.

Enjoy what I'm listening to.

The ever-lovely [profile] dana_pants found an old dagguerotype of Lovely Wife Sara during her pan-mining days:

Now, please enjoy my music with me.

Still kinda sick, which apparently means it's a great time to go shopping for clothes.

Kill me.

Also, enjoy some music.

But kill me.

I have...well, a LOT of music, and I'm gonna leave it running overnight, probably for about 7 hours or so.

Tell me what you see here when you check your LJ.
Use the scroll bar to look at all of the recent stuff.

Anything you like? Anything you don't like? Anything you want to ask What The Fuck about?

Remember, I have no shame, so I will apologize for nothing you may see here, but feel free to...


I might start music going again when I get to work in the morning, but it may be spotty as far as updating goes...

EDIT, 10:18am -- Connection was dropped by UIUC wireless network. Reconnected now.
EDIT, 6:23pm -- Was off for a few hours while I made my way back from work. Winamp has been started again.
Had to leave work with a migraine this afternoon. Tried lots of aspirin and advil and about a quart and a half of water and prolly 30 ounces of coffee and nothing helped.

Came home and slept. Headache is gone, still feel easily confused, head full of cotton.

Have a new So You Don't Have To ready to go up tomorrow morning.

For now, here's some of the places I live online:

FLICKR: benchilada
TWITTER: benchilada
LINKEDIN: benchilada
LIBRARYTHING: benchilada
LAST.FM: benchilada

Detect the trend.

I still have placeholder stuff over at Orkut and MySpace. I'm sure there are other places, too...

Anyway, off to do some dishes and drink more water,

If you're seeing this and it's still reading 4:34 pm Wednesday as the last time I listened to anything, you'll have a clear idea of how odd the music I listen to really is. And no, I don't know why my tag has "sliipers" instead of "sleepers."

benchilada's Profile Page

This morning I was thinking about live music and the sea.

My brain is boiling with brain juices. Here's hoping I can keep them hot until noon.

b doesn't really know what to think of my weirdass music tastes.

More later...


Fun. As. Hell.

Being a music junkie, I cannot recommend LastFM enough.
I mean, damn, just look at some of my...eccentricities, shall we say? They're not terribly apparent yet...but they will be soon.

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