I have...well, a LOT of music, and I'm gonna leave it running overnight, probably for about 7 hours or so.

Tell me what you see here when you check your LJ.
Use the scroll bar to look at all of the recent stuff.

Anything you like? Anything you don't like? Anything you want to ask What The Fuck about?

Remember, I have no shame, so I will apologize for nothing you may see here, but feel free to...


I might start music going again when I get to work in the morning, but it may be spotty as far as updating goes...

EDIT, 10:18am -- Connection was dropped by UIUC wireless network. Reconnected now.
EDIT, 6:23pm -- Was off for a few hours while I made my way back from work. Winamp has been started again.
Just to show that I have no sense of shame or embarassment, randomly entered a pie-eating contest at the Mattoon sesquicentennial celebration.

Did not win.

Had not even planned on being in Mattoon today, let alone going through depressing "street fair."

My brother Matthew snapped this.

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