[profile] karmabreeze is having a SALE on her award-winning photography!

It's bee-yoo-tee-ful stuff.


She's had a number of shots up on the Kodak display screen in Times Square and you should buy something from her.

benchilada: (Bird People)
Special thanks to [profile] karmabreeze for getting me the full version of this song years ago.

Strangely hypnotic video somebody made for the song, but hey, appropriate...

Written last night, at Too Early a.m.


And no, this isn’t even all the Visual Arts plugs. I’m only one man, and it’s after 2am, and I’m not even drunk. Your plug not here? Simmer, champ, this is an incomplete list

Let’s get this shit going!   


So, imagine a fat stack of the best cartoonists in the land kicking out krush phat grooves every freaking week. Now stop wasting your time imagining it, ‘cause that shit is right here. 3-2-1[profile] act_i_vate!!!


While a healthy mother was giving birth in a sparkly-clean hospital room, down the street that woman’s cousin was poppin’ out her baby on a dirty motel room bed.

And that kid, they named that kid [profile] de_act_i_vate


Beautiful girl lives in a beautiful place and takes beautiful pictures.


“I really should add a disclaimer to all of these strips: This comic does not claim to be "funny" nor should the reader expect it to be so. The reader should also not expect the strip to make any "sense" in any traditional way. The image quality, and furthermore the readability level, of each strip is intentional. No refunds, exchanges, or apologies. All question, comments, and concerns can be left under the cast iron bloodhound that sits next to the door.”

So reads the message above one of  [profile] ericfmyers’s deliciously dilapidated comic strips.


Jeremy "[personal profile] cleanskies" Dennis may or may not have a man’s name, but she’s always a woman to me.

Her LJ is frequently quite funny, and has a higher bug-encounter-per-entry ratio of anybody else’s that I know. Oh, and…


[personal profile] riotmod is on drugs. The good kind.

Leave It To Jesus!, a comic of dubious moral value, is hystericalisms. There’s Jesus, a fuzzy Darth Vader, the personification of Robitussin,  two guys named Steve who are NOT Don Johnson and Tom Cruise…well…


[profile] jimmahgee says I've already mentioned his stuff enough.
I say Jimmy Gardner needs to shut his cock hole. 


[profile] robotaday : Every day, there is a robot. Do I need to spell this shit out for you?

Usually he makes the robots, sometimes others do.


Can’t forget Jamie Dee Galey. Can’t forget Jamie Dee Galey.

Lord knows I've tried to...


[profile] tiny_monster and her comics are so cute they practically kick you in the balls/ovaries. Politely.


"Budda loves Jesus. Ohhh...and Jesus loves Buddha."
*throws coin in ocean and waves at it.*
"Now I'll always know where it is."


"So I decided to remix it by changing Fred's dialogue in each strip -- and, as it appears in the hateful right-wing tabloid The Daily Mail, I figured I might as well make his owners sexually deviant repressed middle-class folk (it's their target audience, after all) and Fred himself became the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, whom the Daily Mail regards as something of a liberal, but it's close enough."

And such is the world of [profile] fredbasset upfucked, mocking the world's most unfunny comic.


[profile] sirive cannot decide if he’s a sick bastard or if he draws the cutest kids in animal suits laying out the rhymes like nobody’s bidness.


Now go, my monkeys, as I am cold and sore and weak.

Leave me to the horrible task of going upstairs and sleeping next to beautiful woman.

PS - If you're not reading [profile] overcomp, then you're going to hell in like, ten minutes

Oi, Paid Users!


Get 14 days free cos of the blackout.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] karmabreeze for the info. Pass it on.

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