The Uncle Drinky Scale of Interwebs Affection (tm):

a) Those of you whom Uncle Drinky doesn't even know; he still loves you.
b) Those of you whom Uncle Drinky knows marginally only via the interwebs; he loves you.
c) Those of you whom Uncle Drinky knows well via the interwebs; he really loves you.
d) Those of you whom Uncle Drinky knows in real life; he loves y'all so much.
e) Those of you whom Uncle Drinky has known in real life for a while and is dear friends with; his love, it is nigh-unto boundless.

f) Those of you who know damn well who Uncle Drinky is talking about, those of you that know Uncle Drinky, and he knows you, and we're like a fucking box of Peeps, with our sides all melted together so that we're practically one big slab of squishy sugar?

Well, Uncle Drinky loves the living hell fuck shit piss ass out of you.

And he means that in the best possible way.


Hell yeah.

"This song goes out to all you modern day troubadours out there....and I think I know who you are." -- "Alienation's For The Rich" - TMBG
"If my life was as long as the moon's, I'd still be jealous of the sun.
 If my life lasted only one day, I'd still be drunk by noon."

                                    - "Drunk By Noon" -- The Handsome Family

(Save to disk or open link in new tab to play)
...but right now I'm so in love with you.

There is nothing wrong with being drunk on Easter.

In fact, I would go so far as to say there is nothing RIGHT with NOT being drunk on Easter.

Later, I will write about people I have kissed, and perhaps draw for you.

But you don't deserve it yet.

You know who deserves what?

The who is me.
The what is booze.


PS - Watched the first episode of Doctor Who, Season 28 or Season 2, depending on whether you something or something else, and it was a good season opener. Next episode appears to have Queen Victorian, a werewolf, and Shaolin monks. Now, to the Boozemobile!

PPS - I wish I was actually as much of a lush as I make myself out to be.

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