Jun. 16th, 2008

This'll likely be all you get from me today, so enjoy.

A vintage scientific / corporate processing computer ad:

There'll be more on this topic later:

Know any other companies that train their employees like this? I mean, apart from the POLICE and MILITARY.

Recently Watched:

12 Angry Men -- Holy shitass, how did I go 31 years without watching this film? Sidney Lumet directs Henry Fonda and Jack Klugman and Ed Begley, Sr., and Jack Warden and everybody else, who kick ass in this closed-room drama about the one man who refuses to find a boy guilty of murder. Watch this movie. Hard. Curious that I inadvertently chose Lumet's directing debut just a week or two after watching Fail-Safe.

I Still Worship Zeus -- Interesting, if occasionally slow, documentary about people who still worship the 12 God Pantheon in Greece. The sound was odd and spotty, and some of the scenes could have been cut a bit, I think, for a bit more in-depth stuff, but hey, ultimately informative and thought-provoking.

Pixote: Law of the Weakest -- Wow. Damn. I...yeah. Filmed in Brazil in 1982, and based on a book, this feels-like-a-documentary-movie about orphans and criminal youth in Brazil is mind-blowing. The director chose real street kids to play the street kids, who are taken to a juvenile detention center after being rounded up for a crime they didn't do. The brutality of the center and the horrors after their escape...my god. Another one you'd better see. Just...be emotionally prepared.

Recently Read:

I Love Led Zeppelin by Ellen Forney -- Delightful vignette comics, often only one page long, about her own life and the lives of others. Fascinating and lovely and...lovely. Give it a read. I'm going to order a copy later this week.

Tong war! The First Complete History of the Tongs in America by Eng Ying Gong -- Only got partway through this before becoming a bit bored. While parts of it were fascinating, parts of it were likely only interesting / scandalous when it was published back in 1930. Should have skipped forward more than I did, perhaps.
Son of a fuck.

Stan Winston died.

I idolized that man for a goodly portion of my life.

He was a latter-day Ray Harryhausen, and that ain't no mean feat.

Now to decide which of his movies to watch tonight.


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