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So, you know [ profile] fairyarmadillo , right? She and her husband [ profile] dr_beep ? The ones who changed their married names to Robot?

Nadja sent me one of the best things ever in the history of ever ever.


Here is a video--poorly lit, as usual, since it's just being filmed with a digital camera--video that she requested, namely of me opening the box.

I was having a weird Tourette's night, so that should also be fun for you. Maybe a seven out of ten intensity? Six?


First, you can learn more about Sir Reginald by making the clicks right there. I have two incomplete stories of his sitting on my desktop that I'm totally inspired to finish now. Anyways, on to the cool shit.

A book box for the figure:

Back of the box statistics:

Inside of the front cover:

A contents overview, with some small items removed:

Some of the removed items:

His books and some booze:

The figure itself:

Ceremonial sword and revolver:

And, of course, a bible and some cigarettes:

Oh, and here's Lovely Wife Sara modeling both her biceps and the scarf:


You see what I mean now?

I have the best friends that ever was best friends.


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