Apr. 17th, 2008

So I'm a big fan of conspiracies, whether they make a lick of sense or not, and I love hearing about new ones. I'm a Fortean, really. To the left of skeptics but to the right of ZOMG THE PRESIDENT IS A REPTOID.

While I'm a big fan of the classics--JFK's assassination; chemtrails; and the one that spawned modern anti-semitism, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion--I've recently discovered my new favorite.

His name is Alan Watt, and he is Scottish Madness Made Flesh.

His website, Cutting Through the Matrix, seems to have been built in 2000 with bad html and third-gen image files. It's...seriously, it's fantastically odd.

His primary theory? The Masons are responsible for everything ever and are in control of everything ever. From entertainment throughout history, to the recent trend of "going green", to their secret mind-control devices that can make you do anything from anywhere, to...you name it and the Masons did it, are doing it, and will be doing it. One of the things that I find particularly fascinating is that he rarely posits any theories about what we can do to stop them, or what things, if any, AREN'T controlled by them.

I *HIGHLY* recommend listening to some of the audio files of his recent shows. They're...brilliantly odd. Be ready for a fairly monotone voice, though, and sometimes the opening is a bit slow, but they pick up speed nicely. You can download them or just play them as mp3's through your browser.


What's YOUR favorite conspiracy theory...?

Gizzus links if you have 'em.
benchilada: (Bird People)
Have redone my muxtape.

http://benchilada.muxtape.com - Current theme is--

HOPE: Real, imagined, delusional, or completely what you need forever...

To start it, basically click (or double-click, can't remember) on a song and it will start playing. The list will then cycle through and then repeat.

Now go make one for yourself and post me about it. I'll collect them and post them together on Monday, if I remember.
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