...as this video I shot demonstrates.

If you somehow slept through that part of the internet, The Onion A.V. Club interviewed They Might Be Giants and included their standard demand that guest acts perform a song from a list provided for them.

The result is here and fucking awesome. Read the bit below the video before watching it.

So, what did John, John, Dan, Dan, and Marty do as an appropriate response?

On Friday, in Chicago, they brought the whole A.V. Club onstage as a guitar army to play a different song, before swinging into the one they originally covered.

Fucking sweet.

Sorry I've been a bit distant again. Life is...hectic, but awesome.

I still love all most of you, though.

Hope you're having a great day.


Many years ago I found this in a used bookstore.

The next time I saw Moxy Fruvous--on tour for their album named after the book--I asked them to sign it for me.

It was pretty fucking awesome.

You Will Go to the Moon cover

You Will Go to the Moon interior signed by Moxy Fruvous

You Will Go to the Moon interior signed by Moxy Fruvous 2

Stay with me here, kids, it's worth it.

So, from last night at about 9:30 to this morning at about  9:30, I had goddammed "What's new, pussycat?" stuck in my head.

Nobody wants that.

But...there is a cure, my little monkeys.

This is a song called "Sugar in the Marmalade" by Leon Lai. He recorded three versions (Cantonese, Mandarin, English) but the lyrics in the third are not actually a translation of the first two. I'll put both translations of the lyrics behind a jump at the end of this entry.

I've heard it played at three weddings (my own included) and have friends whose butts start to shake when the opening singer starts her strange, high-pitched thing about "breed another kitty tonight." Okay, I don't think that's what she says, but that's what I like to hear.

It's strangely well-crafted pop that turns crazy violin, rapping, and occasional English. Oh, and the rapper totally hypes the violinist, Eugene Park, at one point. Hell, the actual lyrics don't start properly until 45 seconds in. God I fucking love this song.

The video is the same for all three, even though it only fits with the English version. Oh, and except the we-spent-seven-dollars-on-greenscreen car on the ocean, not available in the Cantonese version.


For those of you who already know the song--and yes, there are a number of those people reading this--you likely know the Cantonese version. Please to enjoy the English version (skipping the Mandarin version) and the 2005 BALLAD VERSION FROM AN ALL LEON LAI COVER ALBUM! And yes, for the video I'm posting of that one, somebody has weirdly pasted the album audio over a live concert.

Did I mention that I'm also posting one of the most adorably bizarre recorded-on-the-webcam karaoke versions of it, complete with background singer guy making Engrish out of words that are already Engrish?


...prepare to have your MIND completely BLOWN.

Who loves you? 

Daddy loves you.







Now go do something productive, like sharing this song with others now that it's stuck in your head until you die.


I'm totally in A Mood (tm).

Please, appease your Internet Monkey King, and give me, in the comments, a song that totally brings you down and then another that brings you back up. I'd love to have a YouTube video if you have it, or at least a link to it somewhere, but no worries if you don't have either.

Let's start with this song:

That's the original Hungarian version, written by Béla Zerkovitz and sung by Pál Kalmár.

Sound familiar? Probably not, because this original version has a different tune. And it's in Hungarian.

But it SOUNDS depressing, doesn't it?

Nearly all later recordings have a hopeful verse added at the end. For today, though, fuck that; here's the first English language version, by Paul Robeson, no upswing at the end.

Fine, here's the most famous version, sung by Billie Holiday (new ending included):

And I just found The Great and Powerful Coztello performing it 27 years ago;


One of my favorite songs of all time, with one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen.

As I recently told [livejournal.com profile] fulguritis, when I first heard it this song it pulled my brain and squeezed my heart. I had thought that there were no new types of music to be made. I was wrong.

And yeah, I cried at the video, you bastards.

Oh, was that not truly "upbeat" enough for you?

Then good luck ever getting this masterwork out of your head.

Not that you'd want to.

As for The Mood (tm); I'll be fine, thank you.

Now gimme your music.


benchilada: (Automat)
Only she could pull off looking like Pris from Blade Runner.

Only he could pull off looking like the Riddler.

Only they could squeeze my heart so hard when they touch at the end.

God, I can't tell if this is lifting me up, post-Republican Convention, or bringing me down.

Off to build a "real" post while I play this on repeat.



I didn't have the right pencils / pens with me to do this properly, but I just had to squeeze this idea out:

Also, [livejournal.com profile] nhyrvana introduced me to the lovely 8Tracks service, which is working as a methadone fix for my currently unfeedable Muxtape addiction.

She's got three mixes up.

My first mix here is story songs, a few of which are in my top musics ever. 'specially Johnny's Camaro. And 5 Room Love Song. And Dick's Automotive. Oh, fuck it, just listen:

Why I should not be allowed to make drawings of words on the board while playing Scrabble:

My MUXTAPE. Nobody has yet named the theme.

And now, an image-heavy look at the media I've been checking out recently, whether for the first time or the seventh... )

Yep, I'm continuing to bring you only the best flash games, in the spirit of the previous one's I've shown: Secretly Fart At The Bus Stop So The Salaryman Next To You Won't Hear It and Stick Your Finger In Somebody's Pooper Before Their Turds Hit You.

You dodge "cowboys"--President Bush in a jeep--and kick over flags and Osama Bin Laden comes out when you clear a level.



When one thinks "Holy shit, they're really rocking out!" one does not tend to think of a Dutch-Indonesian rock band from the 50's and 60's. Thanks to [info]lunchiesdogangl introducing me to The Tielman Brothers, though, I do now.

Trust me, you want to watch the whole thing.


Three things for you today. A mess of medical stuff and other events have kept me from drawing or writing this week, so please enjoy the following:

GREAT COMIC BY [profile] chatterbox_dc and Molly Lawless.

Click the page to be taken to the whole comic, then rummage around Chemistry Set for some more amazing stuff. Seriously, it's great.

Whooops, looks like they've exceeded their bandwidth.
If they get it back up then I'll put it up on my own pro account.

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Apropos of nothing, flashback time.


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Have redone my muxtape.

http://benchilada.muxtape.com - Current theme is--

HOPE: Real, imagined, delusional, or completely what you need forever...

To start it, basically click (or double-click, can't remember) on a song and it will start playing. The list will then cycle through and then repeat.

Now go make one for yourself and post me about it. I'll collect them and post them together on Monday, if I remember.

Listening to music as I clean, gonna leave it playing while we go out to dinner.

Enjoy what I'm listening to.

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Special thanks to [profile] karmabreeze for getting me the full version of this song years ago.

Strangely hypnotic video somebody made for the song, but hey, appropriate...

The combo of being insanely busy, having to make drop biscuits, shopping, and my voice going in-and-out have postponed the latest So You Don't Have To.

We're hoping to get it done by Friday.

To make up for it, I'll do Five Questions and a Hero-A-Day tonight. One of them, at least.

Here, enjoy my music:

I have...well, a LOT of music, and I'm gonna leave it running overnight, probably for about 7 hours or so.

Tell me what you see here when you check your LJ.
Use the scroll bar to look at all of the recent stuff.

Anything you like? Anything you don't like? Anything you want to ask What The Fuck about?

Remember, I have no shame, so I will apologize for nothing you may see here, but feel free to...


I might start music going again when I get to work in the morning, but it may be spotty as far as updating goes...

EDIT, 10:18am -- Connection was dropped by UIUC wireless network. Reconnected now.
EDIT, 6:23pm -- Was off for a few hours while I made my way back from work. Winamp has been started again.
Via [profile] rainofbastards:

All fucking kid songs should be this good. Bless you, Aquabats.


This time they're from
[profile] dr_aj 
1.) What is a song you love but you are too embarrassed to tell people?

See, there you go, assuming that I have a sense of embarrassment. :) Seriously, you're talking to somebody who has the following songs on his computer:

Sugar in the Marmalade - Leon Lai
Winkle Picker Shoes Blues - Bernard Cribbins
Got Rice - Azn Pride
Tarzan Boy - Baltimora
My Pal Foot Foot - The Shaggs
Closer to Wannabe - NIN vs Spice Girls

And those are just the first six that popped into my head out of my 15,000 songs...

I can't think of anything at all, off the top of my head, that I'm even vaguely ashamed of. :)

2.) How many times have you had your heart broken?

I'm supposed to be able to quantify this?
For various reasons, not all romantically inclined, either.
And that's just actual BREAKINGS, not just crackings...

3.) Are you all planning any kids?

Bit of a dodgy choice for Lovely Wife Sara and I. Allow me to work backwards through the facts/concerns:

a) Maximum of two, probably just one. For us, more than that seems irresponsible on a number of levels.

b) Would it be better to adopt a child or two? After all, they're already here,

c) I have a host of neurological disorders, and while I like to think that I could safely guide my child/ren through anything they may go through as a result of any they inherit, it's still a hell of a weight to consider,

d) Can you imagine small benjamins / benjaminettes? Pride / terror are equally balanced.

4.) What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?

That clam jerky was not as high up the list as you might have thought.
I have to say that the worst things I can think of have all been spoiled things, like when I bit into a hard-boiled egg that had been bad before I cooked it. Or the time that I bought milk from a vending machine, opened the paper top, poured half of the container into my mouth before realizing it was chunky, and then spitting it all over the floor of the student union.

Also, one person goes on that list, but they will never ever be named ever.

5.) What is your earliest memory of me?

LARP. Ventrue. I thought, "Not only is this woman rather attractive--in a creepy business-lady-like way right now--but she's acting the hell out of several people around her, and Jesus shit, what the fuck was that look for? Oh, right, 'cause the tag on my shirt says "Shotgun Across Back" and I think I might have just called her a bitch."

This may or not be complete. That's the best my memory works, I'm afraid.


I'm still taking requests for more questions, kids.
"If my life was as long as the moon's, I'd still be jealous of the sun.
 If my life lasted only one day, I'd still be drunk by noon."

                                    - "Drunk By Noon" -- The Handsome Family

(Save to disk or open link in new tab to play)
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I love this song like nobody's business. It makes me feel good about life.

Right click to save to your computer or open in a new tab to hear it through your browser.

Especially you, [profile] nhyrvana, although you might not normally think of it as your type of music.

Dunno. But here it is.

"Johnny's Camaro - David Wilcox

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