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I’ve been busy, but I drew you something anyway.

Crotch Rocket
If you’re “lucky,” there’ll be more on Thursday!


The combo of being insanely busy, having to make drop biscuits, shopping, and my voice going in-and-out have postponed the latest So You Don't Have To.

We're hoping to get it done by Friday.

To make up for it, I'll do Five Questions and a Hero-A-Day tonight. One of them, at least.

Here, enjoy my music:

benchilada: (Bird People)
Ridiculously busy all day, but you will have content tomorrow morning, my monkeys.

So many things for you that I'm behind on.

No more.

Fuck writer's block, fuck not having enough time, fuck stalling projects, fuck all of that.

It's the least you deserve, and certainly the goddamned fucking least I deserve.

I've got some things to change in my life.

Why, hello there, world.
President Bush has decided that you don't matter.

He Wins.

He is more important than the entire judicial branch, don't you know?

Yes, every damn President commutes sentences...but with a year and a half left in office? Literally hours after a court said that Libby could not put off his jail time any longer? With statements that effectively say that the jury was wrong?

Do you see why his party cannot be allowed to have the presidency again? Not now, at least. Not right after him.
Sorry I haven't had any writing for you lately, kids.
June was a busy month, and this was a busy weekend.

Maybe this week I'll have something for you.

At least you've had some Things I Can't Draw to "enjoy."


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