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We will be at Made-Fest both tomorrow and Sunday the 28th.
There’s a FB page here.
We’ll be on the east side of the vendor area, up against the wall of the Highdive. sharing our booth with artist Sophie McMahon, who is awesome.

Here are two glasses that we’ve made. The bottom of the pint glass may be familiar to die-hard Prisoner fans. :)

You Have Just Been Poisoned glass

Fuck Feelings Glass

Oh, and by the way:

Things I Can't Fall Apart

Look, I know about as much as you do.



Going to a booze-soaked "craft night" at 6:30 tonight.

Expect "art" in the morning.

You'll not necessarily get it, but expect it.

Also, my children...thank you for your help.

Friend Molly tries Lovely Wife Sara's idea of a White Russian Station.

Add your preferred amount of vodka to glass first, add some ice from the ice bucket, pour in some pre-mixed milk and Kahlua, stir with chopstick that has rubber skull on it, getcherdrinkon.
benchilada: (Lunch)
Found this online. Not that interesting, but...


First we ate lots of cheese enchiladas and chips and salsa and beans and salad and guacamole.
Then, in a margarita, red wine, and white russian fueled frenzy, [profile] el_jake and [profile] chuckdawg and [profile] sarahsam and Lovely Wife Sara and I zoomed around our dark and impossible-to-film-well-with-my-still-camera basement.

On a Razor Scooter.

This was followed by full-contact-ball-is-in-play-until-it-stops-moving-watch-out-for-low-hanging-pipes ping pong, which resulted in two lost balls: one behind a pile of wood and one--I shit you not--in something in the ceiling. We suspect that the latter is lost to the ages.

It was a good night, followed by only one hangover.

Also, we realized later that we'd had enough to drink that we mixed up zip code and area code.

Shut up.

Can it be That Time again? So soon?


It was decided that the taro-flavored crisps would, to be quite honest, not be able to handle a So You Don't Have To on their own. I mean, taro isn't a bad flavor, even if the product itself looks kinda weird. As such, a beverage was picked to accompany it. And a guest star was recruited.

It's [profile] nyhamsterhouse 's turn for PHOTOS OF MY LIFE.

She Only Asked For A Shot Of Me Drinking A Margarita, But...

Are you turned on yet? I am.

Cock and booze.

*insert orgasmic shudder here*

[profile] destro_simpson takes time from his comicking to go to see a band that isn't there.
This is the video.
You will watch it, because that's what you do when I ask you do watch a video.

Please watch the video.

Unrelated: I really want some chili.
I love my friends.

Pictures )

Seeing Kate and Staci and Kaia and Maddy for dinner tonight.
See Sarah and Chuck Dawg tomorrow night so they can see Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special--The Runaway Bride--before the new season starts.

My friends are awesometacular. Plus some biscuits.


That is all.

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Sara and I had a fabulous time with [info]city_of_dis, [info]icayrus and [info]porpentine_4 last night.

It was fueled by Chinese food and booze.

We also watched one of my favorite batshit movies of all time.




Will probably get drunk and write a Sir Reginald story or draw something (maybe a Fuckbrain Comix) after seeing An Inconvenient Truth at Boardman's Art Theatre.

Have been totally fucking blocked on any writing that isn't Reg. I was trying to dodge him for a while, but perhaps this will get my creative bowels to fucking unclench.

Perhaps all that popcorn will slowly diffuse the booze...
Perhaps I should have it with a soda, therefore...

In case you can't be arsed to listen to my phone post--in which case, you're a fucker--I'll be alone in my house this weekend, with absolutely fuckall in the line of  obligations--with the exception of going to Effingham on Saturday night to marry some people to each other.

Time for booze and foul-smelling food and foreign films and too much interwebs.

Help me.

Many funs last night with [profile] city_of_dis--who is, incidentally, a cheap drunk--and [profile] icayrus--who totally broke with stereotype and was up late--and Boy 3, who may or may not live on The Interwebs, so we'll just call him Mr.Tall.

The spinach lasagna and chocolate-covered strawberries were delicious, but the company was more deliciouser.

Also, [profile] twelvefootnine was forced to bring Shaolin Soccer over, and then I demaned that he stay, and he did.

I enjoyed our zombie-android-fetish discussion on the porch when I had my first two cigarettes in two and a half years resisted temptation and did not smoke.

I drank more than anybody but Scott (who showed up late, sure) but was Less Drunkenly than everybody else.

Thank you, liver.

I will miss you when you are gone.

Also, my friends are made of Awesome and Raw Meat and Bonus Points and the Component Elements of Pinatas, but not necessarily in that order.

Who may be in The Land of a Thousand Dial-Ups for the weekend, so excuse me if I don't kiss you goodnight, interwebs...
Even though I drank two glasses of water and took three aspirin, I am still somewhat stunned by my complete lack of hangover this morning.

Now to read the entry I wrote at Drunk O'Clock and posted this morning to see if it makes any sense.

There is nothing wrong with being drunk on Easter.

In fact, I would go so far as to say there is nothing RIGHT with NOT being drunk on Easter.

Later, I will write about people I have kissed, and perhaps draw for you.

But you don't deserve it yet.

You know who deserves what?

The who is me.
The what is booze.


PS - Watched the first episode of Doctor Who, Season 28 or Season 2, depending on whether you something or something else, and it was a good season opener. Next episode appears to have Queen Victorian, a werewolf, and Shaolin monks. Now, to the Boozemobile!

PPS - I wish I was actually as much of a lush as I make myself out to be.
From Friday night through Sunday evening, [profile] duosiceprincess (AKA: The ComiCutie(tm)) and I rummaged through 21 years of comix, most of which were mine, but several hundred of which have been given to me by the likes of Michael Hart whenever he or others find them at garage sales.

I've done a little purging before, but never like this. Sara mainly sat on the couch and read The Historian.

Movies Watched: Mr.Vampire, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Strange Days, and Enter the Dragon
Meals Eaten: Lai Lai Chinese (restaurant), El Toro Mexican (restaurant), Garcia's pizza (restaurant), cereal (home), pasta (home), Mirabelle pastries (home).
Total Glasses Bushmill's drunk: ~3
Total Raspberry Smirnoff Ices drunk: 12
Gross Longboxes Purged from My Collection: ~5 1/2
Total Longboxes "Gotten Rid of" (probably to be given to charity): ~4
Total Longboxes [profile] duosiceprincess took as payment: ~1 1/2

Ummm...I'm sure there are other stats, like how much sleep and how many times we went "Damn, is it really that late?!" but that's all I can think of just this second.

Bonus points for spotting / identifying / mocking comics seen in the pictures. There's some interesting stuff if you look closely. Go here if you want to be able to click the pics for bigger versions.

And now...

Photographic Evidence. Lots of it. Seriously. )
Now all of my comics are sorted and alphabetized. Next step? Bagging and boarding all the ones that still need it. (Many comics I knew I would be keeping are already bagged and boarded in the longboxes by the fireplace. They will be transfered to shortboxes.).

ULTIMATE CONCLUSION: Sometimes...life is full of awesome.

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