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No art for the week of Christmas. Perhaps you’ll get ALL of the remaining Wizard’s Lesson next week. I’m gonna be finishing it up during my days off.

I did you up a nice Toys in the Bookstacks. Please enjoy.



Originally published at benchiladaland. You can comment here or there.

This is seriously one of my favorite Toys in the Bookstacks in ages.

As always, click the pic to make it bigger. Now please release your geek–this one can level you up–and enjoy:

Toys in the Bookstacks - Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
“Uh, Ted? Did you see the last name of the guy who wrote this book?”
“Uh, Michael? Did you see the name of the guy who wrote THIS book?”

“I need beer, Ted.”
“Me too, Michael.”




Originally published at benchiladaland. You can comment here or there.

Over the last, ermm…lots of years, I’ve been doing a regular thing where I have a preposterous amount of fun taking my toys into the bookstacks and finding appropriate books for them.

The setups vary from comic book humor, to pop culture humor, to NOBODY WILL GET THAT JOKE, BENJAMIN.

I have some new ones planned out, so I thought I’d familiarize people with some of my older ones.

Also, if all goes well, you’ll have the first splash page of The Wizard’s Lesson tomorrow morning. Here are Part 1, Parts 2 & 3, Parts 4 & 5, and Part 6.

More Toys in the Bookstacks behind the cut.

Now go hug somebody.







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What's that?

You heard that [livejournal.com profile] fairyarmadillo and I are running a massive book sale for the Estate of Michael Hart?


It's gonna be awesome.

Hello, LJ! To get away from the bitching on FB (and because I still have little use for G+), I'll possibly be dropping in here more often.

Now entertain me. And each other.


Strangest/most-interesting thing
near you right now, or when you are near
a camera and can upload something.

Life and Assassination of James Fisk Jr


Life, Adventures, Strange Career and Assassination of Col James Fisk Jr

Rich, rare, and racy letters? Sound like James Joyce's personal life, AMIRITE?!





Oh, yeah, 'cause I never pay attention to that crap.

I blame The Fuckbrain.

Oh, and it seems that there were books about pimping even at the turn of the century. All about the Benjamins? Fuck that, he's...

Out for the Coin by Hugh McHugh aka George Vere Hobart - Book about pimping from 1903 except that I'm lying

By Hugh McHugh, nee George Vere Hobart.

Sorting out the schedules and doing a workable payroll for escorts  is certainly not the easiest job to have,


Some old photo-links is still busted, from the old Flickr Employees Can Be Douchebags incident, and I can't seem to find the original posts for these two Toys in the Bookstacks, the first two I ever did.

So here, enjoy:



"I don't think I'd fit in the ring...but those dudes DO look delicious. In a purely culinary, rather than homosexual, way, of course..."

"I don't think I'll fit in the ring."

I have some treats for you soon, kiddies, but for today, please enjoy a creepy old witch giving Mexico a handjob.

A scary old person appears to be giving Mexico a handjob
It's more of A CAT ABC book!!!


abcs of cats book b and c

Fuck yeah that's a cat holding a blunderbuss with its ample hip and firing it at a mouse!

Fuck yeah that's a cat drinking budwiser (sic) beer!

Fuck yeah what the fuck was I on?!

Had an absolutely delightful weekend with Lovely Wife Sara and The Boys ([profile] city_of_dis , [livejournal.com profile] icayrus , and [profile] porpentine_4 ) and J.D. and his wife Sweet D. Sarah.

We went to House on the Rock in Wisconsin, and went to a cave, and generally pissed about having fun. Photos later in the week.

For now, you get to have a teaser of a look into the brain of 6 year-old benjamin sTone.

You see, my Mama just sent me the first book I ever made:

Cat ABC book by ben stone 1983

Why is that cat sweeping the floor? We will never know.
Why was my idea of cursive, with the exception of e's and n's, just connecting letters with lines? Not sure.
Would a re-release of this hit the NY TImes bestseller list? Fuck yeah.

Be prepped and ready for at least two pages every couple of days for the next several weeks. They'll all be photographed, due to me not wanting to flatten the thing to scan it.

Seriously, you are in for some batshit stuff, kids.




benchilada: (Alphonse)

Oh, and did I tell you that we're road-tripping to Washington, D.C., starting next Friday?

Well, we are.


For the Photos Of My Life series I did another for our darling Belgian, [livejournal.com profile] grafunkel, who requested a photo of:

"Oooh, oooh... and your number one favourite book. One. Single. Book."

I know that I already did one of his, but I couldn't resist this one...especially since I feel that for his second request I can totally ignore the numerical values.

These are all books that changed a concept or two in my life. You may be able to see, from the background, why it's hard to choose one. And who knows, maybe none of these are actually my favourite:


“Do you ever think wine-tasting is like Scientology? Like, it started as a joke? I think they just look up where the wine is from and see what grows there, then make up stuff like ‘Well, this region grows a lot of lavender, and you can taste that in the wine’. It’s never a flavor like the turnips or squash that they grow. Blackberry notes? No, lady, it’s grape.” - Lovely Wife Sara

Happy Monday morning, you fucking nuts.



"...as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. "She asked the library how she could go about banning books," he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. "The librarian was aghast." That woman, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn't be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving "full support" to the mayor." -- Time magazine

Why I should not be allowed to make drawings of words on the board while playing Scrabble:

My MUXTAPE. Nobody has yet named the theme.

And now, an image-heavy look at the media I've been checking out recently, whether for the first time or the seventh... )
Recently Watched:

12 Angry Men -- Holy shitass, how did I go 31 years without watching this film? Sidney Lumet directs Henry Fonda and Jack Klugman and Ed Begley, Sr., and Jack Warden and everybody else, who kick ass in this closed-room drama about the one man who refuses to find a boy guilty of murder. Watch this movie. Hard. Curious that I inadvertently chose Lumet's directing debut just a week or two after watching Fail-Safe.

I Still Worship Zeus -- Interesting, if occasionally slow, documentary about people who still worship the 12 God Pantheon in Greece. The sound was odd and spotty, and some of the scenes could have been cut a bit, I think, for a bit more in-depth stuff, but hey, ultimately informative and thought-provoking.

Pixote: Law of the Weakest -- Wow. Damn. I...yeah. Filmed in Brazil in 1982, and based on a book, this feels-like-a-documentary-movie about orphans and criminal youth in Brazil is mind-blowing. The director chose real street kids to play the street kids, who are taken to a juvenile detention center after being rounded up for a crime they didn't do. The brutality of the center and the horrors after their escape...my god. Another one you'd better see. Just...be emotionally prepared.

Recently Read:

I Love Led Zeppelin by Ellen Forney -- Delightful vignette comics, often only one page long, about her own life and the lives of others. Fascinating and lovely and...lovely. Give it a read. I'm going to order a copy later this week.

Tong war! The First Complete History of the Tongs in America by Eng Ying Gong -- Only got partway through this before becoming a bit bored. While parts of it were fascinating, parts of it were likely only interesting / scandalous when it was published back in 1930. Should have skipped forward more than I did, perhaps.
Found at work:
The overwhelming consensus is that I should post last night's So You Don't Have To even though we didn't think it was that great.

It'll likely be up Monday morning, since I dislike posting stuff like that on weekends.

In the mean time:

1) Go tell [profile] himynameisjamie something to draw
2) Go tell
[profile] thewalkingman something to draw
3) Enjoy two more fun book covers:

a) A Polish New Wave cover:

b) A very curious way of telling the history of a country:



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