Nadja and I went to a Zombie Peep Show last week.

Click the pic for more.
benchilada: (Bird People)
There’s no easy way to say this, so...

The last fourteen years have been the most amazing of my life, but Lovely Wife Sara and I have come to different places in our lives with different goals in mind.

She and I are separating.

This is entirely amicable; we both love each other very fucking much and will be best friends forever. We’re happy, and we’re both going to have amazing lives.

We’re both exploring new relationships right now; mine is with Nadja Robot, aka [ profile] fairyarmadillo .

Of course there are still some sad moments, but basically, be happy for the fantastic years she and I had together, and be happy because we are.


benjamin and Sara
Latest Bizarro benjamin, this one from [ profile] jediwonderboy :

Well, being sick for a week-and-a-half prior to Halloween really kinda crushed most of my costuming hopes (as did the prices of items I needed to do my primary costume idea), so I ended up with more props than I did actual costume.

It wasn't HORRIBLE, for having been cobbled together on such short notice and with no money and after/while being sick.

It was still one of my weakest costumes ever. Still, at least I did something.

You may be asking yourself what's going on here. I mean, it's clear that I has a bucket, but...

Well, you see...

It was funny / sad how few adults got any of this, and how many young people got the stuff without me saying a word.



Special thanks to Mike "Captain Hairdo" Steen for my New Aweseome.

UNADULTERATED VERSIONS, since I know some of you **koffkoff [profile] his_hamstress koffkoff* will end up fucking with them.


Oh, hell, [profile] lol_benchilada has already made my face red with laughter. Several times.

Por ejemplo:

The invitation listed a "...strict no ninjas policy. Ninjas will be keelhauled."

So I came as a ZOMBIE PIRATE!!! (c.f. this phone post)

Zombie Pirate and his Saucy Wench

Zombie pirate drank that entire bottle of "sparkling wine" very quickly. Then, right when he was done, he heard [profile] chuckdawg  shouting "It's Shot O'Clock!" from inside the house.

Uncle Zombie Pirate Drinky's work is never done.
Who knew that a few posts about Creepy Photoshop Lady would provide so many entries of pure entertainment? Not I. And now...



Life, it keeps getting better.

Part One:

A few months ago Lovely Wife Sara convinced me to watch a movie she loved as a child that had just come out on DVD, a movie called Savannah Smiles. I asked Geoff at That's Rentertainment -- best video store EVAR -- if he was getting it in, and he said he would call me when it arrived.

He did, we watched it, and I cried like a little girl at this children's movie about bank robbers who accidentally kidnap the Cutest Child Ever.

Anyway, when the tears ended, I took a photo of myself. If you think this is bad, you should see how ugly I am when I'm actually in the process of crying:

Yesterday Belgian artist [profile] grafunkel   was inspired by the last few days worth of photos and did me up right proper-like.

And if you missed it, you'd better see what [profile] pyrotech_c3h8  did for me at the same time, complete independently.


"Well Ben, thanks to your post about photo retouching services, I decided to try my hand at it, and I think mine came out pretty well. I thought it only fitting that I take a picture of you for inspiration!

First, I started with this picture

I thought I could even it out a bit and I was pretty pleased with the results. Now THIS is the type of picture you mail home to your parents in a Christmas card motherfuckers!"

Now jump on their LJ's like they're sweet, round, perfect booties with the word TAP tattooed on one cheek and ME on the other.



PS - Special thanks to [profile] wigu, without whom none of this would have been possible. He probably would like you to mail him some beer.
I just made a companion piece to this:


EDIT: Permission to steal granted.
I have too much hair. In 45 minutes, Mike "Captain Hairdo" Steen will fix this.

Photographic evidence follows.

EXHIBIT A: In which only a disgusting amount of product can keep my hair aloft:

Exhibit B: Look at all that hair on the back of my head. It makes wings sometimes:

Exhibit C: Why I'm not kidding when I say that only spiky hair looks good on me:

ADDENDUM: I'm all but certain that I'm going to dye my hair this spring.

Pros? Cons? Colors? Styles?

"One of these hairs is not like the others..."

Sara, [profile] porpentine_4, [profile] icayrus, [profile] city_of_dis, and me eatin' brunch at Escobar's...

I clean up okay, sometimes...

A few pics from today, then off to dinner. I'm going to have a six-molé sampler.


Now off we go, my monkeys...

A partial history of our two days in Houston.
A number of pictures and a few words about it.

WARNING: A few NSFW photos.

Okay, I'm sleepy and need to get a plane in a few hours.

[EDIT: Wrote that last night, plane leaves in 3 hours]

G'night, more some day later.

Emo Headphones Edition benjamin fucking loves winter.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is summer and 10 is winter, winter is an 11.


At that moment I was listening to "Snake" by Sister Machine Gun and feeling incredible.

And Emo Headphones Edition benjamin loves when people do things like this with only an inch of snow:

Tonight and this weekend I have five stories to work on, three of them with other people. Hell, there may be more, but I have GOT to take notes on these before they go away.

Also, have to edit Junk, v.2 for Monday.

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